icon NOVACROW - WildSpiritz IMS Interview

NOVACROW - WildSpiritz IMS Interview

Novacrow have been described as being better than sex.

icon Eleanore and the Lost - Full Interview

Eleanore and the Lost - Full Interview

Ernest was lucky enough to speak to Eleanore.

icon Interview with Down Not Out

Interview with Down Not Out

Ernest catches up with the band

icon Cellar Twins Interview

Cellar Twins Interview

Ernest catches up with Cellar Twins

icon Sauve Martyrs

Sauve Martyrs

Manchester's Suave Martyrs meld angular indie guitar with the flowing sounds of...

icon The Wild Strays - Interview

The Wild Strays - Interview

Crawling out from the depths of the Midlands Music scene, wielding the self-defined...



Ernest chats with the band.

icon Wishmasters


In a rare moment, Simon Faulkner catches up with the band for a chat.

icon Flesh Tetris

Flesh Tetris

Ernest spoke to Andy, Eva, Andy D and Karen

icon Laura Cox Band

Laura Cox Band

Ernest speaks to vocalist and guitarist Laura Cox

icon Kane'd


Kane’d Interview

icon Elysian Divide

Elysian Divide

Elysian Divide are a band who openly say they deal with hatred and self-loathing...

icon Flight of Eden

Flight of Eden

Flight of Eden are one of those stellar bands that always give value for

icon 4th Labyrinth

4th Labyrinth

IMS managed to find a window of opportunity to chat with the band

icon Francesca May

Francesca May

IMS chats to Francesca herself

icon Broken Empire

Broken Empire

Interview with Independent Music Showcase

icon Behind the Nut

Behind the Nut

We catch up with the band

icon Fall Has Come

Fall Has Come

‘Nowhere’ I have to say has validation in spades

icon Starsha Lee

Starsha Lee

WildSpiritz catches up with their good friend Sofia Martins

icon Holly Henderson

Holly Henderson

Sophie Hunt met up with Holly

icon Elysion


WildSpiritz were lucky enough to catch up with the band

icon Human X

Human X

WildSpiritz caught up with Paul G Clark and Lindsey Brooks

icon Maylin and the Mad Machine

Maylin and the Mad Machine

WildSpiritz met up with Maylin

icon BirdEatsBaby


Sophie Hunt speaks to Hana Maria and Mishkin

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