The amazing new album

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When we first came across Drownd it was the single ‘Sick Like You’ which caught our attention and to add to that was the bad boy image of main man Joe Crudgington. The video was extremely visual and had many similarities to both Marilyn Manson and Iggy Pop in terms of impact on the eye. Now happily we have the album, ‘Drownd’ released through Armalyte Industries Ltd. So, what’s it all about?

‘Lost’ is the first track up and what a nice chilled slow builder it is. Although instrumental it is a very well put together track, the highlight being the cello and piano coupled with white noise. ‘Now You Know’ is very industrial and very in your face. Vocally full of raw emotion throughout the verses and a chorus that machine guns the skull. Evident from listening to the first two tracks is that song structures are very clever and the whole thing has been very well produced. Although the dark themes continue to play through each track the mix of styles is very well done. ‘Misery’ is one of those tracks that would frighten you on a dark night and has a killer riff. Musicianship is outstanding.

‘Burn’ is almost punk/rave in its concept and a very angry track. Listened to the words very carefully here and if the idea was to convey the mind of a disturbed human being this is an out and out success and demonstrates exactly how much thought has gone into making this album. ‘Too Far Gone’ is a proper metal track. Great riff, great vocal and a roller coaster. ‘Cold’ is written very much in the same vein as burn and gives quite the insight into what it's like to be broken and then its just the sublime pick of the bunch. ‘Acceptance.’ This starts with a driving force and maintains it until the last note. A background of swirling guitar, a mix of singing and shouting. Then there’s the phenomenal use of the synth which ties the whole track together. Listened to this one many many times. The whole thing is wrapped up with the complex, ‘I Know.’ Moving from light to heavy it is a masterful track and a fitting way to sign off.

Darkness, Mental Health and other such like topics are things that the bulk of artists and bands tend to shy away from but Drownd has taken all that and produced something truly spectacular. Hopefully, it will not be too long before they tour the album and grace us with another.