Elysian Divide

Elysian Divide are a band who openly say they deal with hatred and self-loathing expressed with loudness

Elysian Divide
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Ernest speaks with vocalist Atashi Tada.    

Elysian Divide are a band who openly say they deal with hatred and self-loathing expressed with loudness.

Elysian: Relating to the feeling of paradise, bliss or delight.

Divide: A division, separation or divergence.

As their social media bio states, Elysian.Divide draws a line in the sand and seek to redress the balance and do something a little more unique. Armed with our individuality and musical influences, we have come together to merge our creativity into the sonic landscape you hear before you. Somewhere between Heaven and Hell is where you will find Elysian.Divide.

 How did you all meet and what are your musical backgrounds?

“Atashi and Jon met in 2016 in the first incarnation of what became Elysian Divide. After various line-up changes over the years, Rui came to join us earlier this year on bass. Musically we all have pretty diverse backgrounds. Jon is a big black/death metal fan, Rui and Atashi like more modern nu-metal and electronic music.”

 Reading your bio, you have some strong views on the state of music. Could you elaborate?

“We feel that heavy music since the early 2000s has lost a lot of passion and tends to tow the line in terms of what’s trendy. It’s a similar dichotomy to what the grunge movement blasted hair metal for. Everyone expects a female-fronted metal band with detuned guitars to be either Arch Enemy or Evanescence. While we use 7 strings, we don’t just use the B string and call it a day. Our main mission, especially with our new music, is to say it’s OK to mesh what the previous decades of metal taught the world as well as using modern technology to realise something new! Break the mould!”

 You have quite a wide range of influences. Based on that do you see yourselves in a particular genre or do you stand apart?

“In time we will stand apart for sure. A lot of the new music we are currently writing is an evolution of what we were a year ago. We have grown a lot and while we see ourselves as a melodic metal band, it’s a definition we use as it fits the best. While you may hear bits of Slipknot and Machine Head in our music, there’s a fair amount taken from early In Flames, Insomnium and Behemoth; this is more so true with the material to come out! Put it this way, this is the UK spin on things. We can’t let the Scandinavians have all the fun, now can we?”

 Face Behind The Mask was a great release. Are you currently writing for an album and when could we expect that?

“We are busy writing album number 2. We are proud of what we did on Face Behind The Mask but the excitement we have for our new material is insurmountable. We are expecting to start releasing in early 2019.”

 What do you think being In Wildspiritz Rising will do for you?

“A lot of the metal press is slowly disappearing or watering itself down to stay relevant to an increasingly over-commercialised presence in the metal world. There was a day where fanzines and magazines like Terrorizer and Kerrang! featured bands that were both interesting and seriously good. Between them, they covered the gamut of local metal all the way through to fully signed up touring acts.”

 “As the press has dwindled, we see the current underground metal press as the reincarnation of the fanzine. It’s important for metal bands to support new press as the people behind them are dedicated to what they do. It’s that sort of spirit and dedication that makes the metal world what it is! Appearing in Wildspiritz Rising is a great thing; they’re taking the time to include us and in turn, people who follow us will hear of them. From that, we hope that other new and local music can appear there and mutually spread the word. Ultimately, the local press and local bands rely on each other intimately. I read issue one with Sertraline who absolutely killed it at Bloodstock!”

 Your touring schedule is quiet at the moment. Do you have plans for any more gigs this year?

“While we are concentrating on getting new music ready and rehearing it, we are playing in London on 9th of Nov in The Lounge, Camden supporting Trophies of Man and Final Clause of Tacitus (we’ve played with those guys before). We are also competing in Metal To The Masses London along with some amazing new bands. We hope to see you there. We will be showcasing some of our new material live there too, so if you want a sneak preview, you know where to be!”

How is 2019 looking for you and are you looking to do any festivals?

“Over the last few years, we have appeared at Balstock, a great festival in Baldock Hertfordshire run by a friend of ours, G LaRoche. Think of it as a massive street festival with all kinds of music (the metal stage is in the Town Hall) and all free! We hope to be playing there again in 2019. Check out their Facebook page, Balstock Music Festival for details as they come up!”

 How have you found it getting your music out there and gaining recognition for your work?

“Face Behind The Mask has been pretty well received. Breaking out as a new band is difficult in the age of social media; there are a lot of voices shouting for attention and the average listener can only listen to so much. We have consistently found however that while the digital domain is where most listeners want to hear music, the old values of getting out there and promoting ourselves are still the most effective.”

 Broken Mind and Dead Inside are amazing tracks. So, what do you prefer, rocking out or the ballad?

“There is a time and a place for everything. This is one of the lessons we take from 90s bands like Pantera and Machine Head. Rocking out is our main thing, but the ballads are a perfect opportunity to expose our more sensitive side and gives us the opportunity to talk to people directly through music. It’s great to mosh but when a ballad touches you, it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world.”

 Any message for your fans?

“Metal is not something you do for “that” summer. Metal is a lifestyle. Live it, wear your badges proudly! This is not music; this is hatred and self-loathing expressed with loudness!”

What are you planning for your next video release?

“That would be telling! We have a few ideas for the next music video and have scouted out a few locations.”

 What do you think the future holds for Elysian Divide?

“Like most bands, we have plans both short and long term. Everyone can control their own futures and as long as we remain confident and driven, we will get to where we want to go. While the post-Napster music world as a whole can be an uncertain place, our future hinges on embracing everything and diving in.”