Flesh Tetris

Ernest spoke to Andy, Eva, Andy D and Karen

Flesh Tetris
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Flesh Tetris are a relatively new band who have been formed from an eclectic mix of other bands and have morphed into the exciting entity we see before us now. I have been fortunate enough to have seen them live and they really do put on a great show full of theatrics, but most importantly great songs. Catching up with both the vocalists was a bit harder than I expected but where there is a will and all that.

To start with, how did Flesh Tetris come about and how did you all meet?

Andy H - “Eva and I had talked for a long time about doing a musical project together, but we were both busy with other bands. Towards the end of 2017 we finally found a time we were both free and could put our plans in action.”

Eva – “I brought Andy Duke (bass fx vox) with me from our old band Cauldronated and Andy dragged Jez Miller along from our other band (The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing) to drum.”

Andy H - “I first met Karen (synths, vox, theremin) at the funeral of a mutual friend in Brighton and loved the idea of having synths instead of being yet another guitar band. Once the five of us were in a room we hit it off instantly and the songs and ideas flowed instantly.”

Andy D - “The name ‘Flesh Tetris’ came from a Popbitch article headline about an orgy Batman actor Adam West attended.”

You are described as Eurotrash, but you mix a lot of elements in your music. Where would you put yourselves?

Andy H - “I guess there’s a bit of B-52s, The Rezillos, Minty and even Human League In there, combined with a big helping of the maverick spirit of Sparks and the whole thing is dusted with the high camp of glam rock and Eurovision... it’s catchy, fun and dumb.”

“It’s difficult to pigeonhole yourself, but I think retro sci-fi Eurotrash is good enough place holder until someone can tell us what we actually sound like.”

Karen - “We're punk. Fuck fitting into a genre.” 

What is the idea of dressing up for your gigs? Where does that come from?

Karen - “Dressing up?! This is our normal attire!”

Andy H - “We love dressing up. We are show offs. Bands in T shirts and jeans need to grow an imagination and make an effort. Presentation is nine tenths of the law.”

Whose idea was the rabbit ears which seem to be a signature image now?

Andy H – “We have a song Rabbits and Karen turned up at rehearsal one day brandishing three chrome rabbit masks…they have no eyeholes and pin your eyes open inside but you can’t see anything- it’s like wearing your personal sensory deprivation tank on stage.”

There are several live videos on social media at the moment. When do you think we are likely to see an official video?

Eva - “Yes - very soon - we are filming at the beginning of November.”

Andy H - “I have mixed feelings about live YouTube videos of gigs as they never capture the feel, atmosphere or sound of a live gig properly. I would prefer people to put away their phones and enjoy the gig and get lost in the moment.”

Your EP is out and tracking well. Are you writing at the moment and when could we expect an album?

Andy H – “The EP was recorded last November before we had even played our first gig (January fact fans!) we have written well over an album’s worth of songs since then and more pop out every time we get together.” 

“We need to record ASAP.” 

The vocal trade off you have with Eva puts me in mind of Electric Six. Is that the sort of thing you were going for?

Andy H - “I’ve only heard a couple of their singles and that was ages ago, so it wasn’t a conscious decision.”

Karen - “With 4 vocalists each with our own unique singing styles there is no trade off.”

What are your plans for gigging and festivals looking like for next year?

Eva - “To do as many gigs as we can!”

Karen - “In true Flesh Tetris style we're looking for the weird and wonderful gigs all over the country and possibly further!”

You have an ever growing following. Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Andy H - “Wait till you hear the album - you’re going to bloody love it.”

Karen - “It might get weird, it might hurt, but we promise you will like it.”

What do you feel Wildspiritz Rising will do for you?

Andy H - “Lead us astray, get us drunk, steal our wallets, phones and shoes and kick us out to make our own way home in the harsh cold light of dawn.” (scarily accurate said the Ed!)

What do you see as the future of Flesh Tetris?

The future IS Flesh Tetris.