Flight of Eden

Flight of Eden are one of those stellar bands that always give value for

Flight of Eden are a metal band originating from Reading, blending progressive influences with a crushing modern metal sound.

Simon Robins - Guitars, Synth & Production

Kurt Jones - Vocals

Christian Sturgess - Bass & Synth
Gualter Couto - Drums

Our debut EP ‘Transitions’ is now available on Bandcamp as a self-release title.

Endorsers - Ashdown Engineering, Dingwall Guitars, Payson Fanned Bass Strings.

For bookings and inquiries, please email flightofeden@gmail.com

Flight of Eden are one of those stellar bands that always give value for money in their live performances. Every member is a consummate performer and technically excellent. They continue to go from strength to strength and write music that is both intelligent and catchy. We managed to get hold of bass player Christian to find out a little more.

You guys have quite an eclectic range of influences. Do you try and blend from all of them or is there one in particular that you lean towards?

“Primarily we tend to draw from the metal / prog genre as a primary influence, but I think it’s important for every musician to branch out and explore new music wherever possible. On our next release, we’ve taken a bigger dive into the ambient / post rock scene and found many ways in which these can complement the heavier side of our music.”

Progressive Metal has always struck me as being difficult to put together so what is your writing process like?

“Most of our tracks stem from riff ideas, or jams. We’re often in our own studio space rehearsing, but we also explore new ideas regularly, when this happens, we tend to record these for playback later on. We approach each song with a feel / emotional hook first, and then split the compositions into sections to see what works / doesn’t work. I think with prog it’s easy to fall into the trap of over-complicating the instrumentation, we try to create music that tells the story, exploring our technical side comes through when its needed.”

Apart from your musical influences where do you draw your inspiration from?

“As a band we’re all interested in travelling, storytelling, gaming, fitness and more. We also have varying degrees of personal journeys taking place, so I think we all draw on those experiences as individuals when playing our parts in the band.”

Transitions is your latest release and its stunning to say the least. Any chance there might be an album at some point?

“We’re glad you enjoyed it! We’ve actually just finished up our next release, titled ‘Dante’s Inferno’, in the studio and it’s now in the mixing/mastering phase. It’s somewhere between an EP and an album. The concept piece centres around the 14th century epic poem Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri and follows the journey through the 9 circles of hell, eventually reaching heaven in Paradiso. We’re collaborating with some very talented people on this, and it’s definitely our proudest achievement, we can’t wait to release it!”

Since seeing you live, I’ve felt that your music needs to be heard in large venues. Being independent are there enough of those around for you to play and what’s your opinion of that statement?

“There are definitely enough venues around to play, in my previous band Brutai we played some huge stages around the country, that aspect I feel is alive and well. However, I think for independent artists it is very difficult to secure a place on line-ups for these venues, without the support of a manager or booking agent.”

“Some very talented musicians I have known in the past don’t receive these opportunities due to a lack of connections, which really sucks, but it seems to be how the industry is working these days. We want to play to as many people as possible, and in as many venues as possible, so we treat every show with the same amount of professionalism, as you never know who is watching you!”

Currently you don’t have any upcoming events. Are there any plans for the second half of the year and is there any possibility that you will tour next year?

“We’re actually off to Portugal in August to play at this year’s Monte Verde festival, it’s our first time flying overseas for a show so we’re very excited. We also have a show in Reading supporting our friends in Arcaeon in October.”

“Where we have been focusing on the studio and finishing Dante’s Inferno, we haven’t been actively hunting for shows, but once August is here, we will be ramping this up to play as much as we can. There will definitely be tours planned next year!”

Apart from the music do you guys all work to support your passion?

“We do indeed, we all have even when being involved in larger projects in the past. It’s a necessary part of being a musician these days, unless of course you can become a YouTube influencer! Gone are the days of 5 album record deals and advances, at least for metal bands! If you can find a job that allows you to still be creative daily, that helps, but ultimately you need the income if you want to put investment behind your music.”

The amount of talent within the UK right now is staggering. What do you think of the scene at the moment?

“The scene is fantastic, we have many friends and fellow musicians who works within the industry and tour, and every band has something unique to offer. It’s a great time for heavy music, we’re hoping we can help keep prog music in the foreground! Shout outs to our friends in Sumer, The Five Hundred, Proteus and shattered Skies especially.”

What do you think the bigger companies within the industry could do better to support independent artists?

“It’s a tough question, I think once you reach a certain level, they open up huge doors and opportunities for you. The problem is, getting to that level. Perhaps more classes and tuition on self-promotion, investment and other areas like that from these bigger companies might help independent artists to know what to aim for.”

Any message for all your fans out there?

“We just want to say a huge thank you to anyone who has checked us out since we release our debut EP. In the past 7 months our fan base has doubled, and we’ve had great success in building an active following. This is what keeps us going and strives for us to make the best music we can! We wouldn’t be doing this without you!”

What do you see as the future for Flight of Eden?

“We aim to take the band as far as we can. That being said, we aren’t approaching this with a list of wants, we are trying to build a following of fans and keep producing the music we love and pushing its boundaries. We love what we do, and that’s our primary focus. if we can become successful doing that, then absolutely it’s the direction we’re aiming to go in!”

Any final words?

“Thank you for taking the time to find out more about the band! We’re very excited to release ‘Dante’s Inferno,’ so please follow our social media pages for all the latest news and gig updates. Hopefully we’ll be coming to a venue near you soon!”