Lilith and the Knight

We had the pleasure of speaking with Tanya Seifert

Lilith and the Knight
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Ernest Platt spoke to Tanya Seifert

Lilith and the Knight were formed in 2015 and ever since have toured extensively throughout the UK, releasing demos and videos whilst gathering a following. Lilith and the Knight are a visually stunning band with a single purpose to push metal to the next generation of its evolution. It was hard fought trying to find an interview slot but we managed to catch up with Tanya in Kings Cross for a quick chat.

Lilith And The Knight

The first thing that was important to find out was what was next for Lilith on the back of the success of the latest single release, Fallen. “We have another release in the pipeline. Our next single will be called War Cry and we are planning on releasing that before the end of the year.”

“At the moment we are currently finalising a date but we have now filmed the music video which is possibly our favourite one yet.”

Lilith are well known for their work ethic and try and fit in as many gigs and festivals as they can manage. With 2018 slowly drawing to a close and 2019 on the horizon, the band still have much to do in the way of appearances but the enquiring mind was keen to know if they were going to try and conquer the continent. “We don’t have any plans at the moment to tour outside the UK yet as we are constantly booking gigs here. There is plenty to keep us busy and who knows what 2019 will bring. Never say never.”

The band got great reviews for The Drunken Monkey festival in Worcestershire this year and there were also comments which put them in the Hard Rock genre, something Tanya was not in agreement with.

“To be honest, labels suck. We wouldn’t like to put ourselves anywhere given the choice. At the moment we are working on a new sound so I predict that there will be a few surprises in store for all of the Lilith listeners. As for the Drunken Monkey, we will be back there next year on the main stage which is very exciting. We are playing all over the place but one festival we are really looking forward to playing is Sonder Festival on 30th September. Following on from that we will be at the Quinphonic Festival on the 7th of October. Moving on we will be booking more festival appearances and hopefully some cool support slots.”

Moving away from the music for a moment I had learnt that Tanya volunteers for charity in her downtime and is also a competitive pole dancer with her sister which did raise an eyebrow.

“Volunteering in Namibia was probably the best experience of my life. I managed to work with animals and also with children who had been orphaned by the A.I.D.S virus. It gave me a new perspective on the world and stays with me constantly. I learnt to appreciate what I have and I have learnt so much about another culture and their way of life. Volunteering makes all the difference to the people and to the animal's lives. The help of the volunteers is invaluable.”

“As for the pole dancing my sister and myself compete as a duo. We started poking about three years ago and we are now qualified instructors as well as performers. We absolutely love it. We were looking for a form of exercise that is both fun and massively challenging. We found pole dancing and never looked back.”

Time was of the essence so it just remained to ask if we could expect an album soon and if there was any message for the growing number of fans out there.

“Because of the new sound we are working on there is no album in the works just yet but if we get it right there is a possibility we could get one together for the back end of 2019. And for fans, I would just like to say a huge thank you for supporting us. It allows us to do what we love and when the going gets tough, just a few encouraging words from a fan reminds us of why we do what we do. Our fans are literally everything.”

And so it was that it came to an end. Such is life when you are in demand. We will, however, catch up with Lilith at a later date.