More Human Than Human - Re-Evolution Review

Two-piece prog rock/metal band blending groovy bass rifts with massive drums and atmospheric synths inspired by Blade Runner.

More Human Than Human - Re-Evolution Review
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Straight out of the gate it's fair to say that this is not going to be a long review. Why? Because there is no need. These are two guys with a wealth of experience and a stunning pedigree. 15 tracks of bass-heavy, synth-laden tunes of superb quality. Both guys have their own vocal style which sits perfectly within the songs. 'The World is Flat' is a superb toe-tapper. 'Burn it Down' 'Pleasant Distraction' 'Feel the Fire' 'Open your Eyes' are all up there and 'Black Bear' is outstanding and a pick of the album.

Without doubt one of the best albums this year. Can't wait for more.

10/10 all day long.