Syd.31 - Walk Amongst Rebels

Album review

Syd.31 - Walk Amongst Rebels
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  • Original Release Date: May 10, 2019
  • Release Date: May 10, 2019
  • Label: Syd.31
  • Copyright: ℗© 2019 Syd.31
  • Total Length: 40:49
  • ASIN: B07RHVNJ51



In reviewing this album, the first thing that must be mentioned is that Dr Magic, frontman for the band has a very eclectic bunch of influences which leads us to where we are now. Opening track ‘Being Human’ is the full-on techno romp with spoken vocal and an absolutely blinding beat. Things really ramp up with title track ‘Walk Amongst Rebels’ which put me in mind (slightly) of Mortiis, and a nice guitar riff kicked in for good measure. ‘Hate is a Goldmine’ and ‘Unrepentant Anger’ both have huge energy, bombastic beats, and combined with the punk vocal are sublime. They bare the sort of tracks that, back in the day, it would be dropping a tab and let your body do its thing. This is inspired stuff and very cleverly written.

 ‘Angel 41’ was written about the passing of Dr Magics father and is an absolute standout on the album. Drums, bass, synth, stunning vocal. What more do you need? It’s a beautiful song.

And then there’s these three. ‘Fighting for the Future’ ‘Scavenging our Ruins’ and ‘Bulldoze Everything.’ These songs will enter your brain and completely pound your mind to submission. Infectious, clever and cracking all round. ‘Before we Fell’ takes us back to the beginning with its spoken vocal but this is interspersed with the voice of intent in the chorus and works very well. Closer ‘The Leviathan’ is about as close as it gets to a ballad and is a very intelligently written track. Once again, the speaking parts are inspired. SYD.31 have a real gem on their hands here and the album transcends all genres. There’s something for everyone and that’s rare these days. This is one everybody should own. 


Ernest Platt for WildSpiritz Music Ltd