The Rising Tour Live Review Words by Ernest Platt

Tribeless, Sons of Liberty UK, Revival Black, Scarlet Rebels

The Rising Tour Live Review Words by Ernest Platt
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The Rising Tour

18th January 2020

The Victoria, Swindon


So, it was on a foggy and damp night that we made our way to the Victoria in Swindon to see two of Britain’s top upcoming bands, Scarlet Rebels and Revival Black. Sponsored by Planet Rock and TMR Music Management this was set to be an exceptional evening.

We were fortunate enough to get time to chat with all of the bands beforehand and it was great to catch up with the chaps from Revival Black who we had previously interviewed. But on to the music and the first of the night’s special guests, Tribeless. Another fabulous band from Wales, it is always a big thing opening a show as it sets the tone for the rest of the night. Tribeless owned the stage from the first note. Lydia McDonald has a very powerful vocal style that is effortless and full of melody. She got the crowd onside straight away and opening track ‘All For One’ went down a storm. Their brand of Alt-Rock is refreshing and by the time they got to third track of the set, ‘Peoples Promise’ the party was in full swing. Loved the way that the tracks have that sedate start and then blast into the stratosphere. They were, without doubt, the right band to get things going and we would love to see them on their own headliner.

Setlist: ‘All For One’ ‘Gravity’ ‘Peoples Promise’ ‘Risen’ ‘Angels’ ‘Glass Souls’

The bar had been set, which was high and then comes Sons of Liberty UK. If you are looking for a good time rock and roll band that leave everything they have on the stage and leave a crowd sweaty and smiling, then these are the guys for you. Opening track ‘Big Ass D’ was right up there with the best of the best and instantly highlighted what a class act this band is. They have both presence and electricity. ‘Start it up’ was a blinder and the epic ‘Rich Man Poor Man’ got an outing much to the delight of the audience. Bit of an issue when all power was lost to the bass, but the crowd remained entertained. This band is tight and work in perfect harmony with each other. By the time their set was over, the crowd were baying for more and the excitement within the venue was everywhere.

Setlist: ‘Big Ass D’ ‘It’s My Bad’ ‘Start It Up’ ‘Rich Man, Poor Man’ ‘Up Shit Creek’ ‘Marvin Popcorn Sutton’ ‘Damned If You Do’ ‘If It Ain’t Southern’

Well well well past 10 pm now and enter the first of the evening’s headliners, Revival Black, whose fame is rising faster than a NOS fuelled rocket. They opened with ‘So Alive’ and the quality was just immense. Dan Byrne has a superb vocal range and is stunningly powerful in his vocal delivery. He has a command of the stage that the bulk of his peers should envy and compliment by an awesome band we were in for a great set. It was obvious that the crowd had mainly come to see the headliners, but nothing should be taken away from what had gone before. This was, however, a serious step up in class. The guitar work of Alan Rimmer and Adam Kerbache really lifted each and every track. They have released their debut album, ‘Step In Line’ which is a real powerhouse and we were treated to many tracks. ‘Give You The World’ and ‘Midnight Oil’ went down very well and when it came to ‘Step in Line’ it all got truly wild. Revival Black are on the threshold of superstardom and the set this evening simply underlined that. This was live music of the highest order and I for one was glad I was there. The band were immense.

Setlist: ‘So Alive’ ‘Hold Me Down’ ‘Believe’ Give You the World’ ‘Midnight Oil’ ‘Burn/The River/ Wide Awake’ ‘Wrong Side’ ‘No Secrets, No Lies’ ‘Step in Line’ ‘Fortunate Son’

The final band of the evening was the mighty Scarlet Rebels. This is a band that can currently do no wrong. Their songs are full of hooks, melody and stick in the head. They perform with energy and grace and the audience belong to them. The music speaks for itself. ‘No One Else To Blame’ got proceedings underway and Wayne Doyle is a consummate frontman who kept everything together and held the crowd in his hand. ‘Let Your Love Go’ ‘Can I Open My Eyes’ ‘Radio Song’ are all future classics but band aside, I watched all photographers, the crowd and the band itself. I have to say that it was an honour and a privilege to witness Chris Jones on stage. He is a master of his instrument, as stated has the best hair in the band but above all is a genuine superstar. He is technically perfect in his playing. Has an envious presence on stage and is also another member of the band that can command an audience. Above all, having spoken to him before and after, he is humble. Scarlet Rebels will be a stadium band before too long. ‘Let Me In’ ‘Heal’ ‘Say My Name’ are all stand out tracks that are above and beyond anything the bigger bands out there are playing.

Off the back of The Rising Tour, both Revival Black and Scarlet Rebels will go on to bigger and better and hopefully world domination. They deserve it. This was an evening that will live in the memory, not only for the music but for the buzz and excitement that surrounds the bands. Long may it continue.

Setlist: ‘No One Else To Blame’ ‘Let Your Love Go’ ‘Can I Open My Eyes’ ‘Radio Song’ ‘Save Me’ ‘Nothing To Say’ ‘Heads In The Ground’ ‘Part Of Me’ ‘Let Me In’ ‘Heal’ ‘Say My Name’ ‘Not The One’ ‘Zero’ ‘You Take My Breath Away’