Spreading The Disease

Sarah Keetch reviews the new EP Mindcell

Spreading The Disease
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Release date: 11th April 2019

Genre: Metal

Label: Surgery Records






I first saw Spreading The Disease at Seven Sins Festival, Swansea 2017 and was immediately impressed by their live show and sound. This is what metal should be about - loud, aggressive, energetic and inciteful.

Their first EP “Insurrection” was a wall of sound, interjected with clever riffs and melodies to keep even a less attuned metal head interested.

The latest EP “Mindcell” carries on in the same vein, with Connor’s vocals hitting you right in the face from the offset with “Obsession”, but there is a progression here.

In my view, the second track “Voices’, with accompanying video just released, is the best song on the EP, with a good combination of light and shade that allows you to appreciate the quality of the song writing.

“The Anger Inside” is probably the track you will enjoy most live, with a riff that keeps on going and I can see a crowd moshing along to nicely.

“Waves” provides some respite from the other 3 tracks and is more akin to Tool than the heavier tracks on this EP. Then “Conflicted” gives you another smack on the chops to make sure you haven’t lost that angst from the beginning and reminds you that Spreading the Disease are a force to be reckoned with.

Somehow they have managed to capture a classic thrash metal sound, interjected a younger fresher angst, and spat it out into an accessible format that really should be filling up large venues.

I recommend you buy both the EP and album, and then get to one of their gigs ASAP!!



Spreading the Disease “Voices”, Mindcell EP 2019.

Title photo credit: Scott Chalmers Photography