Ernest chats with the band.

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Blue Ruin are a feisty bunch of women who play punk from the heart, so it was a real pleasure to be able to get to speak to them. The members of the band come from all over, so the first mission was to find out how they all met.


“Charlotte and I have been friends as long as we can remember. We started the band in New Zealand, with an original line-up from New Zealand. After success in New Zealand, it was time to go to Europe and see what happens. We decided to change up our line-up with some fresh new faces. I met Eliana through my Partner and asked if she was interested in a new project. Elettra was a friend of Eliana and Chrissi another friend of my partner. He is a talented networker!”

The girls all have punk engrained in the soul and go for it with great determination and passion, so it was an obvious thing to ask, that given the choice of all the genres out there, what was it about punk that they loved so much?

“We love it for many reasons. Firstly, it is very versatile as there are many forms. Its catchy, and is most importantly, straight forward! No complicated mind-fuck instrumentation. It’s been with me as long as I can remember. You can have the freedom to play around with so many different themes. We can have a track about serial killers and a track about food. No one cares, its punk.” 

The latest single and video ‘Green River Thriller’ has just been released and an EP of the same name is out and doing great things, so I asked the girls if it was something that took a long time to write.

“I wouldn‘t say it took long to write, but we had been playing some of the songs for a while back in New Zealand. Green River Thriller is here to show you what we have got, while you prepare yourselves for the full-length album!” 

With new releases there is always the possibility of a tour or at least a number of gigs to promote the music and I’m happy to say that………..

“Yes! We will be kicking off our European tour in March 2019. Stay tuned for dates!”

One of the most interesting things that I saw on the Blue Ruin social media page was that they got to work with the fabulous Bruce Kulick from Kiss. So, what did they gain from that experience?

“Bruce Kulick played the lead guitars in our cover of Turn on the Night, as he did in the original. Working with Bruce was a total breeze! Turn on the Night is one of my favourite KISS tracks and I always wanted to know how it would sound cranked up a few BPM with a heavier sound. Bruce totally nailed it and gave us exactly what we needed for our punk rock spinoff.”

One of the songs and videos that I have liked the most by the girls was ‘Exist’ so would there be any more official videos coming?

“Thanks! We plan on shooting a live video on tour, plus one for a new song next year.”

I asked the band what the next year was looking like for them and we spoke briefly about the current dominance of women within the rock industry. 

“We are aiming for festivals after we knock off our 2019 club tour. So, stay tuned!”

 “Yes! It is great to see women as a dominant force, but there certainly is a long way to go. We need the support of our fellow rockers and industry professionals to help us all get off the ground.” 

“Our plan at this time is to simply get our name out there by spreading our musical fusion!”

And as for the fans here is what the girls had to say.

“Show your support for new music! Come to the shows, buy merch, buy music. Today’s musicians cannot do this without your support! A massive thanks to our supporters so far, we love you! See you real soon!”

Busy as ever this has been a super quick chat but with an album and tour on the way we hope to catch up with the girls at a later date for a more in-depth interview.