Sophie Hunt speaks to Hana Maria and Mishkin

Hana Maria

Over the years the stigma behind rock and roll has changed. As the music industry grows, along with the bands that stand for it too, artists across the globe fight for the limelight and try their best to stand out from one another across the sea of sound. Going into the music industry can be a daunting experience especially as one thing you aren’t told, is how to be different and unique, which is something artists must discover on their own accord. One band that springs to mind when I try to define different, is the works of Bird Eats Baby.  A genre specifically does not cling to this band as they battle every trend going to stand out amongst the crowd. Recently I had the chance to interview Bird Eats Baby, and how the variety of sound makes them different to the rest, while also understanding what their view on what is known to be true rock and roll.

“We know true rock and roll as anything with attitude and passion. We have always done exactly what we wanted with our music, which is exactly why it's changed so much over the years as we have produced what we wanted to, and the music we enjoy. We don't want to be confined to one genre specifically. Don’t try to be different. We are just lucky that we naturally are different and stand out from the crowd. We’ve never tried to fit in or follow trends, and we haven't really stuck with conventional song structures. Recently we have learnt new instruments meaning as a band we now play a large range of instruments. Our fans have gotten used to the fact we are different and that they don’t know what to expect anymore.”

I have heard Bird Eats baby being compared to the likes of Muse and Evanescence, which is a great compliment for the band to receive and it is clear they have heavily influenced the music. I was intrigued to know as to where the cabaret style for the bands trend came from and asked more.  

“As Mish grew up playing a lot of musical theatres and playing within churches, the dramatic sound approached on our tracks has mostly always stemmed from this background.”  

With such a varied musical taste and structure within the band, I was sure that Bird Eats Baby would have varied inspirations for their music. I was quick to know more from the band.

“Anything and everything has had an impact on our writing. Currently, we’re listening to a lot of Lamb of God, Jamie Lenman and Jonny Hollow.”

From ploughing through the internet and watching hours of bird eats baby performances, it is without a doubt that they put 110% into each and every performance. It was just exhausting watching them perform from all the energy I used captivating myself. So, I queried how a band with so much energy like to relax after a showstopper.

“Relax? Wonder what that's like. We are always on the go and always trying to think one step ahead. One day maybe.”

I myself have been to many gigs, so I know what to expect and the feeling of being surrounded by hundreds of people all gathered to see the same band and feel the same emotions is mesmerizing. I asked bird eats Baby what were there favourite things about live performances and if they could tell me about certain gigs which stood out compared to the rest.  

“For us connecting with the fans and having people sing your lyrics is amazing to witness.

We have performed so many shows, so it's hard to remember too many. But one that does stand out is where Munchkin once crawled across a bar in Akron, Ohio on our last US tour and someone put a dollar in her top. That was pretty memorable.”

Bird Eats Baby have recently come back with their fourth album Tanta Furia, with Part of Me being the most listened to track of the album. Creating an album requires a lot of time so it was interesting to hear how long it took the band to create their album.

“Usually it takes a while as we have about a year of songwriting first and then another year to assemble the album completely.”

With a new album recently released and a history as remarkable as Bird Eats Baby, they told me how Tanta Furia compared to the likes of their other albums such as The Bullet Within.

Tanta Furia is a lot darker and punchier, compared to others whereas The Bullet Within is a more reflective album with richer, classical tracks that are more introverted. Each album is different in its own way.

Seeing how a band grows across its time is always heart-warming to see. Bird Eats Baby has always had a successful following of dedicated fans which have allowed the band to crowd fun each of their releases. This has highlighted how dedicated and loyal their fanbase is. Bird Eats Baby had plenty to say about what's in store next for the band along with a few words to part with for their fans.

“We have just started a new tour beginning in the UK, where afterwards we will travel through to Germany, the USA and Mexico. This will take place over 2018. We are very grateful for our fans and we would be nothing without our beloved flock. We would not be able to keep this project alive without them and they’re the reason we’re still doing this.”

You can catch yourself new tickets for the bird Eats Baby tour on their website. If different is your style, Bird Eats Baby is the band for you. Push them into your life through flourishing music and a unique style to broaden your music horizons.