Lesbian Bed Death is a female-fronted Gothic Punk / Hard Rock band from the UK.

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Lesbian Bed Death are a hard-rocking gothic punk band with a female vocalist to die for. Their brand of music is full of killer riffs, melodies and hooks galore. Latest album ‘Born to Die on VHS’ was a real stunner which we gave top marks to. Reaching out we are very happy to say that Mr Peach and Luci4 gave up some of their valuable time to tell us all about it.

What are the origins of the band name and why did you decide to go with it?

Mr Peach: I was channel flicking some years ago and ended up watching part of a documentary where a psychologist was explaining the term ‘Lesbian Bed Death’. Being a massive child, I thought it sounded like the name of a rock band as opposed to something discussed by medical professionals. At the time, I wanted to do a side project that was a bit more flamboyant and larger-than-life than the angry metal band I was in back then, and the name ‘Lesbian Bed Death’ suited it perfectly.

‘Born to Die on VHS’ brought a touch of nostalgia. How long did it take for you to decide on the songs for the album?

Mr Peach: I’ve wanted to do this album for years, and I had a huge list of songs that I wanted to do. If we had done them all, it would have been a triple album, so we had to be quite ruthless with the selection. Maybe one day there will be a ‘Born to Die on VHS 2’?

Luci4: When Dan showed me the tracklist, we would be recording I was so excited. I was literally raised on the films and the bands of that era, so fingers crossed we get to make a Vol 2 of BTDOVHS!

Did you watch all the old films before choosing and who would you say is your favourite horror villain overall and why?

Mr Peach: Yes, I’ve loved all of these movies for years and have watched them countless times. Choosing a favourite would be near impossible, but I’m going to have to go with Chucky.

Luci4: Before recording any of the vocals for the album, I made sure I had a BTDOVHS themed movie marathon. My overall favourite villain has to be Freddy Kruger as, unlike say, Jason Vorhees, who mainly attacks at summer at a holiday camp, Freddy preys on your nightmares and some of us have every night.

I was one of the people who participated in the crowdfunding for the album. How did that process go for you

Mr Peach: Thank you for that! We have crowd-funded a few times now. Our last campaign was successful, but I think that the fiasco surrounding Pledge Music has put a lot of people off supporting bands in this way. We may have to re-think how we’re going to fund our next album.

Luci4: I was blown away by the amount of support the band was receiving globally, so when a postcard came through my door from Dan summoning me to re-join the band, I left the comfort of my coffin and pounced on the opportunity to assist in getting the album completed and out to the fans who helped fund its creation.

Is crowdfunding something you would recommend to bands?

Mr Peach: Even before Pledge Music went bust, the crowd-funding market was becoming oversaturated. I’d recommend it to a band that has built up a genuine following over time, but it is important for them not to get disheartened if they don’t raise as much as they’d like. I’ve done quite a bit of research, and regardless of the size of a band, it’s only a small percentage of their fan-base that will put their hands in their pocket and support something like that. Besides, a growing number of people only access new music via streaming services now, so crowdfunding is getting harder and harder.

Where would you say that your main source of inspiration comes from and what is your writing process like?

Luci4: A lot of my lyrical inspiration comes from the dark place in my soul and mind. Being in LBD allows me to repackage the horrors in a rock and roll lyrical style, and they become so much more!

Mr Peach: My biggest source of inspiration is probably Horror movies and the fantasy aspect of the Rock n’ Roll lifestyle. It’s all about escapism for me.

Gig wise you are down for Murder on the Airwaves. Have you got anything else planned and what about festivals this year?

Mr Peach: We are planning more gigs for later this year. There is one major festival that has invited us so far, and hopefully, we’ll be able to announce that soon.

Luci4: Every time I hear we have a new gig lined up or I read about an event we’re going to be involved in, I become so giddy at the thought of meeting the fans and the new converts they bring with them to our gigs.

How do you spend your downtime when not writing and playing?

Mr Peach: I love travelling. I think it’s important to keep having adventures in life and experiencing new things. I’m always checking out new bands and music too. I have a blog called cultofdanpeach.com which I try to update regularly.

Luci4: I love to binge-watch stand-up comedy, horror films and horror TV Series.

What do you think of the current music scene at the moment?

Mr Peach: There are some amazing bands out there. The problem most bands face isn’t piracy. It’s apathy. Getting people out from the comfort of their homes to come to a gig isn’t easy. Aside from that, I think the scene is creatively better than ever. There’s rarely a day that goes past where I haven’t discovered something new and awesome on YouTube.

Luci4: It’s so refreshing to see female-fronted bands now receiving respect instead of derision, but also I love hearing the crossover of influences from the '80s mixed with the punk of the '90s.

If any of you suffered from writer’s block would you stay on your own in a haunted house to get some inspiration?

Mr Peach: Probably not. The truth is that I’m a boring git and don’t believe in ghosts. If the house had free wi-fi, I may give it a try. If you could find me a haunted Nando’s, I’d be on my way.

Luci4: Definitely! I do believe in ghosts, so would probably spend the night helping them to move on...

You have a large following both here and abroad. Any plans to play further afield and where ideally would you like to tour?

Mr Peach: I’d love to play anywhere where people would like to see us. I’m looking at getting the band back to mainland Europe soon. High up on my ‘gig bucket list’ are Brazil, Canada, and America.

Luci4: The dream for me would be rocking up to the cities/homes of those who have bought our albums, merchandise or who had attended our gigs, and being able to personally thank them for their devotion.

Have you got a message for all of your fans?

Mr Peach: Yes, thank you all for your continued support. Without you, there is no band, so we appreciate you and will continue to do our best to provide you with ‘kick-ass’ albums into the future.

Luci4: Thank you from the dark recesses of my blackened heart. Without the support of the LBDeviants, the media, venues, promoters... there would be no Lesbian Bed Death or even Luci4, as you have made us what we are.

Now that the latest album has settled in what’s next for Lesbian Bed Death?

Mr Peach: We’ve been writing some new music with our friend Steve Lethal, who is a phenomenal guitarist and is also a producer. He was a guest on two of the original tracks on the current album and was also in the Born to Die on VHS music video. We had such great chemistry on the new tracks that it would have been a shame not to make some more music together. I may be speaking too soon, but I think a new Lesbian Bed Death studio album may not be too far away. I also think that, based on what we have so far, that it will easily be the best thing we’ve ever done. In addition, I’m hoping to shoot a music video for the song ‘Flesh’.

If there is anyone you could play with onstage who would it be and why?

Luci4: I’d love to play with Destroy Planets. I have so much love and passion for so many artists and bands - both signed and unsigned. Just getting the privilege to play at so many awesome venues and be on stage with awesome up & coming acts, as well as established bands, is always an honour, and a dream that has become a reality!

Mr Peach: I have so many idols that I’d be honoured to share a stage with. I think I’d have to have Paul Stanley from Kiss, Rob Halford from Judas Priest, and Glenn Danzig at the top of my list.

Any final words?

Mr Peach: Life is short. Fill it with things that bring you joy. Always order your chicken ‘Extra Hot’. Avoiding yellow snow is always important too. Oh, and don’t waste hours mindlessly scrolling on Facebook. Come see Lesbian Bed Death instead.

Luci4: I can't wait to unleash more auditory & visual stimuli to you all, as it is always a pleasure, Mon Cheri!

  • Audio CD (11 Oct. 2019)
  • Number of Discs: 1
  • Label: Psychophonic
  • ASIN: B07X2M19HM