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Independent Release

Title track ‘Rebirth’ serves a nice Celtic inspired instrumental intro but its when ‘Wolves and Kings’ kicks in that things get interesting. Emil is a very impressive guitar player and if totally honest the vocals were not exactly what I was expecting. That being said the aggressive screamo supplied by Anders perfectly compliments the soulful vocal of Sirene. ‘Wolves and Kings’ is a very well put together track. ‘Let the Flames Begin’ in the first instance comes across a far more melodic and much more suited to Sirenes’s singing.

That being said, however, she is effortless in her delivery regardless of how heavy the track is. The hooks and melodies are excellent with some well-timed breakdowns. The extended version of ‘Reflections’ came across far heavier than first anticipated but as those that have gone before, this is pure quality. The way that the vocals are mixed together is extremely good and production is excellent. Hopefully, with this calibre of releases under their belt in 2019, we can hopefully see an album in 2020 and an appearance in the UK.