WildSpiritz IMS MUSIC REVIEW - REVOLTONS - Underwater Bells Pt. 2: October 9th 1963 Act 1

REVOLTONS have also signed a record deal with MYGRAVEYARD PRODUCTIONS!


‘Underwater Bells Pt. 2: October 9th 1963 Act 1’



For those of you that don’t know your history, 2500 people died when the Vajont Dam in the Alps gave way on the 9th of October 1963. To this day over half of the victims have still not been found. This album has been written over several years in tribute to the victims and is nothing short of excellent. Power Metal lends itself in many ways to emotive subjects and opener ‘Danger Silence Control’ is Power Metal at its best. The level goes up a notch on tracks such as ‘Stars of the night before’ and Mary and the children’ which are high-speed riff masterclasses with hooks a plenty.

‘October 9th 1963’ with its recordings and the way that it has been put together is a very moving track indeed and somewhat sobering. Musically and production-wise this album is excellent with ‘Erase! New Earth Lord!’; and ‘Criminal Organism’ being the two absolutely blinding tracks. I found ‘Primal Shock’ to be a little strange and a sort of crossover with its screamo vocals but the 10-minute track ‘Grandmasters of Death’ deserves the title epic. For guitar lovers, ‘Through the Years’ is a showcase on how to play and how to play well. The guys have taken their time with this one, rightly so, and as a tribute to the victims, is a fitting one. Glad to have the boys back. 9/10